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Education This Week

EPI's weekly summary of the week in education, with commentary by EPI's Watson Scott Swail and other guest perspectives. Canadian and US Edition available. 

Access to Limited EPI Publications and Reports

Access to download a limited number of EPI publications and reports on a wide variety of topics relating to access to educational opportunity, student retention, and related issues. Ability to purchase other publications individually through our eCommerce site.

EPI Book Club

EPI Webinars are an ongoing series of interactive online presentations focused on a variety of educational topics in the areas of early childhood, secondary and post-secondary education.  Each webinar is hosted by an expert in their field and administered by EPI staff.

Access to All EPI Publications and Reports

Access to download all EPI publications at no cost using a Premier Discount code through our eCommerce site.


Student Success

EPI's quarterly e-magazine focused on issues related to student success in postsecondary education. Student Success includes articles from professionals in the field, interviews with experts and interesting people, book reviews, and more.


The Swail Letter on Higher Education

EPI's monthly data-laden e-magazine on important and timely issues in higher education. 

EPICenter EPI's bi-monthly data essay on K-12 education issues  

Education Canada

EPI's monthly data-laden e-magazine on important and timely issues in Canadian Education.


Event Admission Discounts

15% discount on entry to all EPI events and webinars, including the Annual Retention Conference, the Annual National Capitol Summit, and all other workshops and conferences.


Professional Networking Resources

Access to an exclusive network of professionals with whom members can associate and use as professional resources. This network is only available through EPI Networking Events and an exclusive Premier Membership Directory for sharing resources and information will be unveiled in 2010.


EPI Live

EPI's live weekly discussion about current issues in education, complete with a panel of experts from around the country. Launch date TBD in 2010.


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